Friday, October 12, 2007


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The Buckingham Family
(James, Julie, Kory and Krystal)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Secret's Out!

472 posts later, we're leaving Blogger to head to a new home. I'm a bit sad to leave here, but I've hated it for the most part. Hopefully our new blog that James has built will reduce some swearing of an evening!!

See you soon on the New Buckingham Blog




Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Top Secret Project

Can you keep a secret?

I can :-)



Next Directory Anyone?

Right, so this is a bit cheeky, but if you don't ask you don't get! I've got the Next directory and recently got a thing in it to recommend a friend, so I recommended mum. I discovered when she spends £50, I get £20 credit on my account an she gets £15, which is fab. So tonight I was discussing with my friend Ann and she wanted one, so I said I'd recommend her too. I realised my second friend also gets £15 credit to her account when she spends £50, but that I get £30 to mine, so a total of £50!! That's great, thanks Mum and Ann!!

However, on closer inspection, I notice there is a 3rd (and final) form for a 3rd friend. When this 3rd friend spends £50, they too get £15, but I would get £50 further credited to my account. That's a lot of clothes for my little munchkins - so if any of my friends or family who read this don't have a directory, and would like one, AND would be likely to buy Xmas presents from there anyway as the £50 has to be spent before the end December to qualify, let me know and I'll recommend you.

Please? Anyone?



Down and Out

I've got flu, have had since Sunday and feel rubbish. That's why there has been no blogs - James had to take Monday off work to look after the kids and he worked from home yesterday to ease breakfast, lunch and dinner times for me. Normal blogging activity will resume when I (or the kids!!) have something to say.



Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Hear Thunder



Night Out, Night In

I got out last night!! Well it was more of a night in really - Trish from the Thursday Group had a girlie night at her house. There was lots of food and drink. I decided to drive though as both kids were choked with the cold and Krystal is teething, so it might all have gone wrong! As it happens, James didn't hear a squeak from either of them all night!

This photo was taken of me before I went out and it's confirmed for me that I don't like my hair straight. I have given it a try for 3 weeks now, and it annoys me so much I end up putting it up all the time. I end up putting my hands through it all the time, tucking it behind my ears and when I go outside it just goes fluffy in the wind and the rain.

Yesterday during the day we went to Brewsters to meet up with Ann and Emilie to play for a couple of hours. And today has been a bit of a day of nothingness! James put up a cabinet in the bathroom which has sat in the living room for weeks. We went to the new B&Q and Asda too, very exciting life eh?!

Krystal is really coming on now, the sitting is perfected and the eating...well to watch her you would not know she ever did anything other than eat 3 meals a day, with puddings. And I don't just mean little tasters, she's eating a lot of food!! Just like Kory.


Thursday, September 27, 2007


This has made me laugh when I saw it on TV, so thought I'd pop it on here too.



Rubbish Week

Had a really crap/hard week, think Krystal is getting her first tooth and both of them are getting a cold. I'm knackered from Krystal being up at night and this "feeding 2 kids and myself" thing isn't all it's cracked up to be! We've just been doing all our usual stuff, groups, attempting shopping and failing miserably! So here are a couple of Krystal pics, none of Kory as he's being a right grump!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Eating & Alphabet

Krystal munching a breadstick and Mr Show off!


P.S. Sorry for the edit halfway through, didn't think anyone needed to feel sick while I swooshed the camera over to Kory!


Monday, September 24, 2007

New Menu!

I'm just loving my new menu. Before it was milk for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between, now I am having all sorts of yummy things! Yesterday was carrots then banana for lunch. The carrots were VERY messy, but great fun.

For dinner I had potato and brocolli which was really nice, Daddy kept saying I was going to "impale myself on the spoon" whatever that means. I got some really delicious peaches after that. I feel very lucky.

For lunch today I had some sweet potato and cauliflower, then some pears again. But it was at dinner time everyone else looked shocked at how much I ate - even Kory which is saying something as he eats LOADS. I had peas and carrots, then half a banana and I still wanted more, so Mummy made me some porridge with pear flavour. Then I was full up.

I was listening at the clinic last week, the health lady says if I don't put on weight I need to go to the big hospital place where I went before for my hips. I don't want to go there again, so need to make sure I eat lots.



My New Bedroom

Today was great fun...Mummy and Daddy helped me to do up my room into a big boy bedroom. I've had a big bed for a while now, but still used my sleeping bag. But now it's nearly winter again I need something called a quilt.

The cover for it has a cheeky monkey on it and I got a light the same. I also got new curtains, they have stars on them and they make my bedroom nice and dark. There is a bedcover that matches the curtains too that will go on when my monkey one is in the washing machine getting all nice and clean.

I wanted Krystal to come under my new covers for a snuggle with me, I think she liked my new covers too. I couldn't wait to go to bed tonight, I even gave up my computer time with Daddy to go to my new bed!

Oh and we also put up my Tweenies posters on my wall. I got them at the Tweenies show a few weeks ago. I feel really grown up with posters. Do you like them?