Saturday, September 29, 2007

Night Out, Night In

I got out last night!! Well it was more of a night in really - Trish from the Thursday Group had a girlie night at her house. There was lots of food and drink. I decided to drive though as both kids were choked with the cold and Krystal is teething, so it might all have gone wrong! As it happens, James didn't hear a squeak from either of them all night!

This photo was taken of me before I went out and it's confirmed for me that I don't like my hair straight. I have given it a try for 3 weeks now, and it annoys me so much I end up putting it up all the time. I end up putting my hands through it all the time, tucking it behind my ears and when I go outside it just goes fluffy in the wind and the rain.

Yesterday during the day we went to Brewsters to meet up with Ann and Emilie to play for a couple of hours. And today has been a bit of a day of nothingness! James put up a cabinet in the bathroom which has sat in the living room for weeks. We went to the new B&Q and Asda too, very exciting life eh?!

Krystal is really coming on now, the sitting is perfected and the eating...well to watch her you would not know she ever did anything other than eat 3 meals a day, with puddings. And I don't just mean little tasters, she's eating a lot of food!! Just like Kory.


jenni said...

You look so like Laura with your hair straight! I think it looks really good but I totally sympathise with the fiddling/fluffy thing that comes with straightened hair! Hope the kids are feeling better