Monday, September 24, 2007

My New Bedroom

Today was great fun...Mummy and Daddy helped me to do up my room into a big boy bedroom. I've had a big bed for a while now, but still used my sleeping bag. But now it's nearly winter again I need something called a quilt.

The cover for it has a cheeky monkey on it and I got a light the same. I also got new curtains, they have stars on them and they make my bedroom nice and dark. There is a bedcover that matches the curtains too that will go on when my monkey one is in the washing machine getting all nice and clean.

I wanted Krystal to come under my new covers for a snuggle with me, I think she liked my new covers too. I couldn't wait to go to bed tonight, I even gave up my computer time with Daddy to go to my new bed!

Oh and we also put up my Tweenies posters on my wall. I got them at the Tweenies show a few weeks ago. I feel really grown up with posters. Do you like them?



Chloe Apps said...

Hi Kory

Your bedroom looks well cool, I really love your curtains. Your sister looks like she's having great fun eating food, hope you've been helping Mummy and Daddy clean up the mess she makes!

Love Izzy xx